Thanksgiving Secrets: Cooks Tips from Chris Kimball

makeover_wide-34c07745cdf7498d0b552b833b2be026c0ccc514-s300-c85A cook’s secrets are meant to stay in the kitchen — and many chefs feel that their techniques and special ingredients are their own property. Luckily, Chris Kimball of America’s Test Kitchen is happy to share his secrets, as he offers tips to make a great Thanksgiving meal. Listen to the podcast here.


So Cook Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish, But Buy Local!

The 10% Campaign, a statewide initiative to encourage North Carolina citizens to spend just 10% of their existing food dollars on locally grown foods, is here to help you celebrate a local Thanksgiving.

Sure, make your favorite recipes, but do it with local ingredients! Check out this article and interactive graphic on your local Thanksgiving plate!

Squash Mania: Old Is New Again

NPR has a great article, “Winter Squash: New Faces in the Pumpkin Patch,” about old American  varieties of winter squash popping up as “new” squashes at farmers’ markets! From buttercup to kabocha to turban, check out this primer on squash varieties and a few recipes as well. Which one will make it to your Thanksgiving table?


Turkey Confidential

Turkey ConfidentialJoin Lynne Rossetto Kasper of NPR’s The Splendid Table on Thanksgiving 11 am-1 pm for Turkey Confidential! Enjoy this live chat, recipes and turkey triage, plus special guests Chef Jose Andres, Chef Jamie Oliver, wine and food expert Joshua Wesson and foodie authors Jane and Michael Stearn.


Cooks Coping with Food Allergies

“Thanksgiving: All the Taste, None of the Allergens”:  This Indy article about cooking Thanksgiving dinner for guests with food allergies hit home–two nieces with dairy, egg and nut allergies will be gathered ’round my table this year.

If you’re facing this situation, check out the writer’s strategy and accompanying recipes.


Local Turkey on “The State of Things”

Last year Frank Stasio and his guests were talking turkey–local turkey that is–on “The State of Things” on WUNC Public Radio. Listen to this podcast with Richard Holcomb of Coon Rock Farm just outside of Hillsborough, Lionel Vatinet of La Farm Bakery in Cary, and Craig Heffley and Seth Gross of Durham’s Wine Authorities. Listen while you cook and get inspired about your trip to the farmers’ market for Thanksgiving!